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True Partners In Evolving Organizations And Developing Leaders

For additional support in reaching your organizational goals, Lily Pad Consulting is the dedicated partner for your business.

Partnering with our brand carries the promise of unique learning experiences that drive thought-provoking visioning, impactful strategies and leader development while having fun and achieving results.

Seizing Opportunities

Solutions That Make An Organizational Impact

Through deep business and broad industry experiences, we partner with leaders to explore solutions that develop vision and strategy, drive alignment and implementation, develop talent and facilitate change.

Below you can learn more about the solutions we provide, the clients we support and the tools that give us results.

Visioning & Strategy

Charting Direction

Charting a vision for the future of your business captures hearts and minds. Together, we’ll leverage strategy that aligns people and priorities, strengthens leadership behaviors, broadens perspectives and drives change.

Areas Of Focus
  • Visioning & Dreaming Big
  • Strategic Planning
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Process Improvement

Organization Development

Building Capacity

Effective leaders know the value of strengthening and expanding organizational capacity to affect change. Using a systemic and thoughtful approach, our goal is to increase your organization’s effectiveness – through people, processes and systems.

Areas Of Focus
  • Leader Development (Including 360° Assessments, Emotional Intelligence instruments, MBTI certification and Customized Development Programs)
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Change Strategies
  • Executive Coaching
  • Performance Management
  • Talent Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Employee Engagement
  • Cultural Revitalization
Board of Director Governance

Equipping Your Board

Your board is critical to the growth and success of your organization. Board governance involves equipping your board to strategically lead, with vision, passion, discernment and productive relationships.

Areas Of Focus
  • Board Development Assessments
  • Comprehensive Board Engagement Plans
  • Board & Committee Structure and Alignment
  • Board & Committee Position Descriptions
About Us

Grayce Belvedere Young

With over twenty-five years of organization development and strategic planning expertise, Grayce is deeply passionate about strengthening the capacity of her clients across numerous industries and within the nonprofit world.

Prior to her twelve years as a consultant, Grayce held leadership roles at UnitedHealth Group and Thomson-West Group (now Thomson-Reuters).

Grayce has lived, worked or traveled in all 50 states, over 55 countries, and all 7 continents. She brings an inquisitive, thoughtful, systemic, and global perspective to all her client engagements.


Rachel Belvedere

Rachel serves as a client services and IT project manager at Lily Pad Consulting, utilizing her organization skills and creativity to take on tasks related to client services, technology, and business operations.

With her passion for social and environmental justice, Rachel is involved in climate justice, multifaith, and women’s leadership groups and works to empower other people to be active citizens in their communities.



At Lily Pad Consulting, we value learning and actively seek new ideas and solutions to share with our clients. Below are just a couple of thought-provoking resources we recommend.

The Good Food Revolution

by Will Allen with Charles Wilson

At the 2018 Gustavus Nobel Conference, I received a book entitled The Good Food Revolution by Will Allen. Mr. Allen chronicles his family’s connection to farming, the land, and his own return to the land by growing food. His compelling story is of planting urban gardens into a “food desert” neighborhood in Milwaukee and engaging his neighbors to learn to grow healthy food for themselves and their community. This inspiring book highlights leadership, determination, heartbreak and triumph. It’s a powerful read!

Visual Intelligence

by Amy E. Herman

Recently, I heard Amy Herman speak about her book, Visual Intelligence, and the seminars she leads to teach people how to tune in to the world around them in a new and profound way. Ms. Herman’s book and workshop utilize works of art to engage learners. The book captures the importance of seeing what matters and the fine art of observation as the foundational elements of improving your visual intelligence. The book is divided into four sections – Assess, Analyze, Articulate and Adapt – and each section provides real world examples, insights and tips on observation, perception and communication. What are you missing in your everyday interactions with others and the world?

How Remarkable Women Lead

by Joanna Barsh and Susie Cranston

This book showcases women leaders in the business world and community involvement. The authors share inspiring stories of women, including behaviors, skills and actions that provide a guide for everyone on how to live a fulfilled and successful life and career. The book is categorized in a system that serves as a roadmap for others. The categories are: Meaning, Framing, Connecting, Engaging and Energizing. I was particularly drawn to the Connecting section which offers practical advice on how to build your own network to grow yourself personally and professionally; it’s not about getting a new job. Building your network builds relationships that offer insights, new ideas, different perspectives; it’s like creating a tapestry.

Community Support

Supporting Our Community

In 2021 and 2022, we are proud to be a partner with Ruff Start Rescue. Ruff Start Rescue is a foster-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue that serves communities throughout Minnesota and states in the south with severe pet overpopulation. Ruff Start Rescue has an extensive network of volunteers, fosters, and supporters that make this vital work possible.

Past Partners
  • 2020: Cultural Jambalaya
  • 2018 & 2019: YWCA St. Paul
  • 2017: Spark-Y
  • 2016: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of MN
  • 2015: Camp Fire
  • 2014: Jeremiah Program